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Meet the Staff of Auto Paradise of Arizona

Brett - "Dad"

602-446-3851 - autoparadiseaz@yahoo.com

I am the "DAD", I started in this business when I was 19 years old by mistake (read the "about us" tab at the top of the website or on the home page). My duties here are EVERYTHING, I touch and drive every car, I take pride in the quality of vehicles that I offer and I only buy and sell vehicles that I would drive myself or sell to a family member. If there is ever an issue the buck stops with me. If you have a concern I am the one to call. Oh, I am a perfectionist and I have a problem with always wanting everything perfect... maybe a good guy to buy a car from?

Austin - "The Prodigy Son"

602-328-0725 - autoparadiseaz@yahoo.com

Austin is my son and he has been around this business for 22+ years now (I think he dreams about cars). He is the one to suck up to, he will be the one running the show and calling the shots in the future when I am old and senile . So, to all of the "repeat" customers that I have currently...you better be nice to Austin (he likes cookies).

Dash - "The Bone Chewer"

623-516-8888 - autoparadiseaz@yahoo.com

Dash was born on January 5th, 2015. She is the company "mascot." Dash likes many things, she likes bones, stuffed animals, she likes to lick and kiss people and she loves to sleep and be outdoors. Now and again you may see her keeping her "Dad" company at the office. The best way to get Dash to like you is just show up and buy a car, that way her "Dad" can buy her some more bones and toys!

McKenzie - "Little Sis"

623-516-8888 - autoparadiseaz@yahoo.com

McKenzie is my daughter and Austin's "Little Sister" she is the "dog whisperer" to Dash, the two of them are always together. McKenzie wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, she wants to go to Notre Dame and yes she is a Notre Dame sports fan. She has also grown up in the car business and she keeps "Dad" on his feet. She is also a perfectionist and points out every little thing on the different vehicles that I drive home each night... you want to be nice to her because she really works for the customer!

Jessica - "The Mom"

623-516-8888 - autoparadiseaz@yahoo.com

Jessica is also from Minnesota and has a huge heart and is as kind and nice as they come (after all she has put up with our silliness for all of these years). She is a nurse and very passionately enjoys helping other people. Jessica is "The Mom" of the business (unfortunately she only works with us a few hours a week), she helps keep us all organized and keeps us healthy. You need to make sure you are extra nice to her because she might take care of you someday and she is a very good and caring nurse!